The Story of Light from my Hometown

An experience of light through visuals, sounds, and music told through the journey of a young girl in a small village in Punjab. It explores light as something that gives life, is mysterious, transcends time yet is a marker of time.

for Tata Cliq Luxury

Raghu Rai, An Unframed Portrait

Avani Rai didn’t set out to make a film about her father, the famous photographer Raghu Rai. What she wanted was to get to know him better by observing him on one of his photo trips. In the film that she ended up making anyway, father and daughter travel together to the Indian state of Kashmir, where political unrest prevails and violence is commonplace. They photograph their surroundings and each other, in the meantime reflecting on their lives, politics and his craft, which is richly illustrated with material from Raghu Rai’s archive. The elder Rai started taking photos in the 1960s, and has now published more than 50 books. He is best known for his powerful series on the aftermath of the Bhopal toxic gas tragedy in 1984, Mother Teresa and Indira Gandhi. Avani films and photographs her father as he works—and as he instructs her on viewpoints and framing. In the process, the film becomes a portrait not only of a passionate photographer, but also of a father-daughter relationship in which the camera is a source of both connection and friction.

Films for The Ayu

The reassuring ritual of daily cleansing, with warm perfumed baths and cool showers. Avani Rai explores the narratives of Water and Smoke, Jasmine and Rose.

Her Becoming for Zoya Jewels

Inspired by the chronicles of her life and the pattern of her imagination, the ‘Her Becoming’ is a Zoya signature collection. Its intricate artistry and timeless appeal becomes a testament to the enduring allure of every woman’s determined narrative.

Modern in its form, Avani Rai photographs and directs a campaign that is rooted in Ikat’s essence, where natural diamonds converge, into a structured weave of natural gold, encapsulating the dimensions of 'Her Becoming' in every intricate facet.

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