For Oprah Daily

“If a daughter were looking for a place to explore the joys and complexities of her relationship with her 79-year-old father, Varanasi, the holy city in northern India, would not be a bad spot to land. After all, it’s said that the Buddha gave his first post-enlightenment sermon just a few miles outside of town. And if that father happened to be Raghu Rai, the single-most revered photographer in India’s history, and that daughter was 29-year-old Avani Rai, herself an emerging photographer, filmmaker, and artist, then Varanasi’s mystical setting—dark-eyed sadhus cloaked in saffron robes sit on the banks of the Ganges, thousands of tiny altars splashed with flower petals dot the side streets—would offer plenty of moments to light up their cameras.”

from Varanasi

Afar Magazine

“Moment by moment, this city will teach me to stay awake to the present, to pay attention, to follow the thread of human connection, to take pleasure where it’s found.”

In Bloom

An expression of love needs no language. In bloom, each scent, each petal, each hue brings about a different feeling. In traditions and ceremonies, between lovers and others.

Bombay — An Odyssey

Women of Punjab : Gurdaspur