Commissioned by Apple

No matter what happened on the set of ‘Fursat’, photographer Avani Rai was ready to catch the moment.

“The play of shadow and light in a dark studio, then the scorching sun of the outdoor. Those were the conditions we had to contend with. I was impressed with iPhone 14 Pro’s ability to handle both with excellence.”

Queenfisher Galendar 2024

Zoya Jewels

Inspired by the chronicles of her life and the pattern of her imagination, the ‘Her Becoming’ is a Zoya signature collection. Its intricate artistry and timeless appeal becomes a testament to the enduring allure of every woman’s determined narrative.

Modern in its form, Avani Rai photographs and directsa campaign that is rooted in Ikat’s essence, where natural diamonds converge, into a structured weave of natural gold, encapsulating the dimensions of 'Her Becoming' in every intricate facet.

Puma x Kareena Kapoor Khan


Jaipur Rugs

Aditi Mangaldas: The Weave Dance
A special commission of Kathak on carpets by Jaipur Rugs
Photographs by Avani Rai

An invisible warp and weft is key to The Weave Dance, a special choreographic commission by Jaipur Rugs, which sees Aditi Mangaldas - the leading luminary in the classical Indian dance form Kathak - accentuate the delicate knotting of carpet weaving, her fingers pinching and pulling at imaginary yarn in meditative repetition.

Avani Rai’s atmospheric pictures of the performance brilliantly capture the motion and gestures of Kathak. In one series, the twirl of Aditi’s lehenga makes her appear as a swirl that is momentarily indistinguishable from a stage set with circular carpets. In another romantic picture, Aditi is seen “picking flowers from the carpet” as the dancer herself poetically described the movement.

The Ghungroos, or ankle bells, are an essential element of Kathak and Avani Rai puts particular focus on the musical anklets, capturing the ritual of Aditi tying the stringed instrument - another subtle reference to knotting that connects this special project that spans both dance and photography.